Are you planning to visit a French-speaking country or simply want to add to your language skills? Whatever your interests, learning to say popular phrases in different languages can be incredibly useful. For coffee enthusiasts, it can be especially fun to know how to order your favorite drink in another language. If you’re a fan of Irish Coffee, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide on How To Say Irish Coffee In French.

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Understanding Irish Coffee

Before we delve into the French translation of Irish Coffee, let’s take a moment to understand this beloved drink. Irish Coffee is a classic cocktail that originated in Ireland and has gained popularity worldwide. It’s made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with whipped cream. The rich flavors and comforting warmth make it a perfect choice for cozy evenings or as a dessert.

The history of Irish Coffee is as rich as its taste. The drink was first created in the 1940s by a chef named Joe Sheridan at an airport in Ireland. It was initially served to warm up travelers on a cold night, and it quickly became a staple in Irish culture. Today, Irish Coffee is enjoyed all over the world and is synonymous with Irish hospitality.

Irish Coffee Heritage

Despite its popularity, there are many variations of Irish Coffee. Some bars and restaurants add Baileys or other cream liqueurs to the mix, while others use different types of whiskey. Whatever variant you prefer, the key to a perfect Irish Coffee is getting the balance just right. Too much whiskey, and the drink will be too strong, while too much cream will overpower the coffee and whiskey flavors.

Translation of Irish Coffee in French

Now, let’s discover how to say “Irish Coffee” in French.

Irish CoffeeCafé Irlandaiscah-fay ear-lan-day

As you can see, the French word for “Irish Coffee” is “Café Irlandais.” It’s a direct translation of the English phrase. “Café” means coffee, while “Irlandais” means Irish.

Now that you know the French translation, you can easily order an “Irish Coffee” the next time you’re in a French-speaking country.

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Pronunciation of Irish Coffee in French

Pronouncing “Café Irlandais” correctly is important to ensure effective communication. Here’s a simple guide to help you with the pronunciation:


So when you put it all together, “Café Irlandais” is pronounced as “ka-fay ear-lon-day.” Take your time with it and practice as much as you need to!

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Here are some common questions that people have about Irish Coffee in French:

  • Can I order an Irish Coffee in any French-speaking country?
    Yes, you can order an Irish Coffee in any country where French is spoken. Just remember to ask for a “Café Irlandais.”
  • Is Irish Coffee popular in France?
    Yes, Irish Coffee is popular in France, particularly in winter months or holiday seasons.
  • What type of whiskey should I use for Irish Coffee?
    Traditionally, Irish Coffee is made with Irish whiskey. However, you can use any type of whiskey you prefer.
  • Can I replace cream with milk in Irish Coffee?
    You can, but it’s not recommended. The cream adds richness and sweetness to the drink, creating a perfect balance with the bitterness of the coffee and the sharpness of the whiskey.
  • Can I make Irish Coffee without sugar?
    While sugar is a traditional ingredient in Irish Coffee, you can omit it if you prefer. Keep in mind that this will alter the taste of the drink and may make it less sweet.
Bailey's-infused Irish Coffee


Now that you have learned how to say “Irish Coffee” in French, you are one step closer to mastering the language. Remember to use “Café Irlandais” the next time you want to order an Irish Coffee in a French-speaking country or show off your language skills.

We hope this quick guide has been helpful in expanding your language knowledge. Don’t forget to enjoy your Irish Coffee responsibly and savor the delicious flavors of both Ireland and France. Cheers!